Homosexuality & Judaism

The following is a non-exhaustive list of journal articles that deal with various issues pertaining to being a homosexual religious Jew. Each title links to the full-text pdf file.
In addition to these articles, a highly recommended  book is Rabbi Chaim Rapoport's "Judaism and Homosexuality: An Authentic Orthodox View" (pictured, with link) and its excellent forward by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. For a good review of that book see Cohen (2007), below.

Gay, Orthodox, and Trembling: The Rise of Jewish Orthodox Gay Consciousness, 1970s-2000s
Ariel, Y. (2007). Journal of Homosexuality, 52(3-4), 91-1

Relating to Orthodox Homosexuals: The Case for Compassion
Cohen, U. (2007). Tradition: A Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought, 40(3), 76-92.

Learning About a Child’s Gay or Lesbian Sexual Orientation: Parental Concerns About Societal Rejection, Loss of Loved Ones, and Child Well Being
Conley, C. L. (2011).  Journal of Homosexuality58, 1022–1040.

Jewish Gay Men's Accounts of Negotiating Cultural, Religious, and Sexual Identity: A Qualitative Study 
Coyle, A., & Rafalin, D. (2001). Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality, 12(4), 21-48.

LGBQQ Young Adult Experiences of Religious and Sexual Identity Integration
Dahl, A. L., & Galliher, R. V. (2009). Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, 3, 92–112.

Family Members’ Uses of Religion in Post–Coming-Out Conflicts with Their Gay Relative
Etengoff, C., & Daiute, C. (2014). Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 6(1), 33.

Clinicians’ Perspective of the Relational Processes for Family and Individual Development During the Mediation of Religious and Sexual Identity Disclosure
Etengoff, C., & Daiute, C. (2015). Journal of Homosexuality62(3), 394-426.

Growing Up Gay and Religious: Conflict, Dialogue, and Religious Identity Strategies
Ganzevoort, R. R., van der Laan, M., & Olsman, E. (2011). Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 14(3), 209-222.

The Relationship Between Religiosity/Spirituality and Well-Being in Gay and Heterosexual Orthodox Jews
Harari, E., Glenwick, D. S., & Cecero, J. J. (2014). Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 17(9), 886-897.

“It’s a Horrible Sin. If They Find Out, I Will Not be Able to Stay”: Orthodox Jewish Gay Men’s Experiences Living in Secrecy
Itzhaky, H., & Kissil, K. (2015). Journal of Homosexuality62(5), 621-643.

Experiences of the Marital Relationship among Orthodox Jewish Gay Men in Mixed-Orientation Marriages
Kissil, K., & Itzhaky, H. (2015). Journal of GLBT Family Studies, 11(2), 151-172.

Experiences of the Orthodox Community Among Orthodox Jewish Gay Men
Kissil, K., & Itzhaky, H. (2015). Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services27(3), 371-389.

Identities in Conflict: Forging an Orthodox Gay Identity
Mark, N. (2008). Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health, 12(3), 179-194.

Expanding Sisterhood: Jewish Lesbians and Externalizations of Jewishness
Milligan, A. K. (2014). Journal of Lesbian Studies, 18:437–455

Being Gay and Jewish: Negotiating Intersecting Identities
Schnoor, R. F. (2006). Sociology of Religion, 67(1), 43-60.

Competing Selves: Negotiating the Intersection of Spiritual and Sexual Identities
Sherry, A., Adelman, A., Whilde, M. R., & Quick, D. (2010). Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 41(2), 112.

Religious Coping Strategies and Mental Health Among Religious Jewish Gay and Bisexual Men
Shilo, G., Yossef, I., & Savaya, R. (2015). Archives of Sexual Behavior, 1-11.

Questioning with choice: Dilemmas and coping among gay male modern orthodox adolescents in Israel/
מתלבטים עם בחירה: דילמות ודרכי התמודדות של בני נוערהומוסקסואלים בציבור הציוני-דתי בישראל

Shveidel, Z. (2011). Mifgash: Journal of Social-Educational Work, (33), 123-136. (Hebrew)/ מפגש לעבודה חינוכית-סוציאלית, (33), 123-136. שביידל, ז